The DaVinci Code

Well, the much talked about and critized movie came out yesterday and I went and saw it! First of all I would like to state for the record and with no apologies that I really enjoyed this movie! I had not read the book, just knew that it has been a somewhat controversial topic among churches (which made me want to go even more and see what it was all about), and had also heard that the book was good. Well I enjoyed the whole movie. It reminded me of the movie National Treasure, which I also loved. Were there parts of the movie that were a little offensive to Christianity? I answer that question with another question: Did it come out of Hollywood? Actually it had less offensive material in it than most movies out today. I don’t see what the big deal is, honestly, with all of the controversy. Sure I don’t believe the theory, but I don’t think of myself as an unstable enough person to be swayed by a movie. I don’t think that most people are. If anyone else has seen this movie, or read the book, I would love to here your thoughts!

I Can’t Believe It

Well you know that C in accounting that I was talking about in a previous post? It seems it has evened itself out! I somehow managed to get an A in statistics, which really is a miracle since I have absolutely no idea what went on in that class, so my two A’s evened out the C. That made my GPA drop only a tenth of a point which is a good thing! I am still holding onto HOPE (the scholarship that is!) WOOOOHOOOOOO!

Zoo Atlanta

Right now I am house sitting downtown in Grant Park (which is incredible by the way…yet slightly ghetto) and the zoo is right in the middle of the park! So my parents, Jennie and Ella all came down yesterday to check out the animals. Here are some pictures!

This is a nest of the rare Ella and Kelly birds.

The three of us all look weird in this picture, but the elephant is cool!

Our favorite animal!

I Made It!

Well, another semester of school is finished and another Grow Up Conference is done. I can’t believe it! This semester was really hard for me. I don’t know if it was the combo of classes or what, but I ended up with one “C” which I am not too happy about, but also kind of glad about because it could be worse! Summer classes begin in a month, so it is good to have some time to just work and hang out with out classes and studying to worry about!

The Grow Up Conference (this is the big children’s pastors/leaders conference that we have every year at my church) was a huge success! I am in charge of registration for this event and we sold out in January and had a waiting list of over 700 people! All of the people there were from 500 churches, representing 54 different denominations (I didn’t know there were that many!) and also representing 500,000 adults and 200,000 children (preschool through high school). They were all so excited to be there and we have gotten some great feed back! Reggie Joiner, Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, and Carey Neiuwhof had some great things to say! It was a really powerful time. A little stressful to me as it meant a lot of long hours and then add final exams on top of it. When I took my accounting final the day after the conference at 8 in the morning, I could barely see straight (part of that may be from the fact that I forgot my glasses)! It was a great time, but I am glad it’s over!

This week Ella is staying with us while her parents are out of town and we are having a great time! I will also be keeping some kids for a week at the end of this month. They are a little older, so we have some big plans about all of the fun that we are going to have!

So that is a very brief update about what is going on in my life right now. I’m sure I will have more to say in a few days!