First of all, I’m not sure how my sister just created a post in my blog. I think she Jack Bauered my password and broke into my account. She has a lot of skills. Fess up Jen!

Anyway, I was going to post about my conversation last night. I got to talk to my roomate Evelyn from Costa Rica! We used to have the best time down there and she taught me so much Spanish! We would talk everynight until midnight and have the best time. She cracks me up too! So we got to talk last night for the first time in almost two years and it was great! We are both studying right now, so we feel each other’s pain. It just reminded me of all of the great memories that I have of Costa Rica that sometimes get overshadowed by the not so great ones. Evelyn was such a blessing to me down there and still is! Here is my favorite picture of us.

Who’s Story Am I Trying To Live?

I just finished reading Louie Giglio’s book “i am not but i know I AM” and it is so good! I highly recommend it! I came to this one part a few days ago that is just really powerful. I find myself so often trying to live for me and my fame when it’s really God’s story that I have been invited to be a part of. This is an excerpt from “i am not but i know I AM” (used with permission)

And how would we know when we have slipped back into the story of us? We know when we see these telling signs:

When I live like I’m privileged, I have lost the plot. In other words, when I start acting like I deserve a certain outcome or a higher standard of life, I have failed to strike the fatal blow to self and am living like I actually have rights in this world apart from God.

When I am demanding, I have lost the plot, insisting that God and others meet my need on the timetable that I see fit.

When I act pompous, I have lost the plot, thinking that I am somebody while only proving that I haven’t had a good look at God today.

When I crumble under pressure, I have lost the plot, declaring that the outcome of life rests squarely on my shoulders, not His.

When I start protecting, I have lost the plot, marking turf as though it were actually mine and forgetting that everything I have comes first from above.

When I crave the spotlight for myself, I have lost the plot, losing sight of the story line and the one true Star. And every time I do it I waste one of life’s fleeting chances to make my life truly count by amplifying Him.

When I fail to celebrate the successes of others who are living for His fame, I have lost the plot, thinking that possibly we are on different teams when we actually share supporting roles in the same story.

When I dwell on feelings of being unloved, unnoticed, or insignificant, I have lost the plot, abandoning the miracle of knowing God on a first-name basis.

All of these privileged, demanding, arrogant, frazzled, turf-protecting, glory-stealing, self-loathing moments are nothing more than a clarion call alerting us to the fact that it’s time to die again, reminders that the life of smallness requires a vigilant watch and a constant willingness to strike the fatal blow to the heart of me. But to die to self is to gain on an unfathomable scale- a daily funeral that is nothing more than the doorway to a life filled with the matchless wonder of all that He is.

Wise Words

Every Monday morning at the church I work at (North Point Community Church) we have staff meeting, and ever first Monday of the month our pastor (Andy Stanley) does a teaching for the staff. It’s always a really cool time and I learn a lot, but I thought today’s message was really interesting. He was talking about Proverbs 27:12

The prudent see danger and take refuge,
but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

He basically talked about how important it is to see trouble coming so that we can take action (or refuge) and not face the consequences of waiting until the last minute. One example he used was a sail boat captain tying and anchoring the boat hours before the hurricane gets there even if it’s a beautiful day outside. It may look stupid that the boat is tied up, but if he knows it’s coming it is the smart thing to do. If he waits until it starts to rain then it’s too late. He said that something that he prays for himself and his family is “Lord, help me to see the trouble coming and have the wisdom to do what needs to be done and the courage to do it.” It’s not always an easy thing to do because a lot of times nothing has even happened yet, it’s just a feeling, but it’s better to over react and “take refuge (talk about it and take action)” then to do nothing and suffer for it.

I am going to start praying that prayer every day. I can look back on my life and see multiple times that I could have taken refuge because I saw the danger, but I was simple and suffered for it. It’s time to start changing that!