Great Quote

Voddie Baucham just finished a great 3 week sermon series at our church called “Marriage By Design” Today was the final segment and was titled “What She Must Be” As you can imagine, he was talking about submission. It was probably the best explanation I have ever heard on submission and I went away from it very challenged and encouraged, even though I’m not married! This quote really stood out to me. It’s something to think about!

“The only thing that has two heads is a monster.” – Voddie Baucham


This past weekend my mom and I went down to BigStuf Camps ( to visit Leah. That is the camp that she is interning at this summer. It was fun to hang out with her and to see people that I hadn’t seen in awhile. This is also the camp where a lot of my friends are the “band.” My friend Rick that died in September was also a part of it for several years until he got sick last summer. The last night session of the camp was telling the story of Rick’s life and the way that he died and how he always pointed to God. It was a really powerful testimony. It’s amazing the way God still uses Rick to minister to us even though he’s not here with us anymore. One of the last things that they did at the session was read something that Louie Giglio said at the funeral. For me it was very powerful to hear that again and to remember that death does not have the victory, Jesus does. Here is what Louie said:

“… so that now, as always, Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For me to live is Christ, and for me to die is gain.” Phil 1:20-21

We all hoped Rick wouldn’t die…
And in fact he’s very much alive!


We prayed and believed God would raise him up…
And He did!


We wanted to see Ricky walk out the front door of Northside Hospital…
But instead he soared through the roof!


Death tried to claim him…
But Jesus had already saved him!


We grieve because Rick is gone…
But seeds of hope reside deep down in our souls because we know exactly where he is.


We miss him…
But we will again embrace him.


Jesus Christ is Risen today and He is the ultimate grave robber.
In Him we have the victory.
In Him WE WIN.

Through the Storm

This is definitely one of those “had to be there” moments, but I am going to attempt to describe it here. A few weeks ago I was up in Cincinnati and got to go to church with my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gerry. They go to Crossroads Community Church up there which I always love to go to! When you walk into the auditorium there before the service there is always a little timer on the screens that counts down to the service start time. When we walked in it was 2 minutes and some seconds until the start. Most of the lights were off in the place, the only significant light coming from the screens where there was a scene of a field with rain coming down. You could hear the sound of the rain and some occasional thunder with the lights flashing to make lightening. Basically just like a calm summer storm. As we sat there waiting for the service to start, and as the timer counted down, the storm started to get louder and louder with the thunder and lightening much for frequent. By the time the timer got to zero, it was a raging storm and so loud that you couldn’t even talk to the person next to you. For me it became really emotional, and I don’t know why, but as the storm went on and got louder you started to feel like it was never going to end. I mean, it went on for at least five minutes, which felt like forever sitting there in a dark room feeling like you are in the middle of this incredibly intense storm. Like I said, it was really emotional for me and I think I even started to tear up at one point. Apparently storms make me cry! Well after a very long time I started to hear something else. It was this very faint voice and you couldn’t hear what it was saying, but there was definitely a voice. Eventually the sounds started to even out, and even though the storm was still raging, the voice got clearer. It was a man singing in this fantastic tune “I am here.” Just that line over and over again as someone came out on the stage holding a floodlight and pointing it through the darkness of the auditorium. The tune of this one line was almost haunting. It reminded me of Ewan McGregor singing to Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge (Now I realize most people did not like that movie, I loved it, but that’s not the point here, it’s just what the singing sounded like!). It was so beautiful! Once the singing was totally clear he started singing more lines to the song, which I can’t remember, but it was stuff like “I am the wind in the hurricane, I am the whisper in the wind” type stuff. It was so cool. As he kept singing, the storm sounds died down and the video showing on the screens began to get sunny. This may all sound kind of dumb, but for me it was so incredible. I have been through a couple of big storms in the last couple years of my life and it was such an incredible re-enactment of how God was there in those storms. That song still invades my mind at random times. Like the other day when I was reading in Genesis about Abraham and how God just came and talked to him. At that moment, for me, God seemed so real to Abraham and so far from me. I began to ask him if he was here with me and why he didn’t speak to me like He did to Abraham. I asked why he felt so far from me and yet so close to Abraham. It wasn’t in a disrespectful way, just really honest. I felt so far away from God, but yet it is documented in the Bible that in an audible voice, God spoke to people. I have felt very alone the past couple of months and I wanted to know why. Then, as clear as if I was back in that auditorium I heard that tune an those words “I AM here.”


Sorry I’ve been such a slacker on getting new pictures up! Here are a few from this summer! I just got back from a great trip to Cincinnati to visit some family, so most of them are from that. Enjoy!

Me, Kelsie, and Papa

Uncle Jim, Kelsie, Aunt Melissa, Me, Gram

Ella’s 2nd Birthday!

Ella looking cute…as always!

My cousins Chris and Stephanie

Uncle Gerry and Aunt Jenny