I Got the Job!

I just found out that I got the job that I applied for at REI. This is definitely my favorite store, so I thought working at it would be fun! It’s a chance to get some extra hours in and make some extra money to save up for my triathlon. Plus, the discount doesn’t hurt! I will still be working at the church and then working at the store a couple of nights a week and maybe a Friday and Saturday here and there. If you are not familiar with the store, check out the website. If you are in the Atlanta area, come visit me sometime at the store!

When Words Fail

God is so patient with me and always so loving. This has been a really tough year for me and He knows it. I have questioned Him and His promises, and He has been faithful to be there with me, even when He chose not to answer sometimes. I love that He welcomes my questions, because He knows that I know who He is. He so patiently teaches and reminds me that I don’t get the last word, He does, and that I am not going to understand everything. Life seems unfair sometimes, but He is teaching me to hold very loosely. I am also beginning to see that the more I let go, the more He moves in my life. Not because He can’t move if I don’t let go, but because He chooses to respond to my surrender. An all powerful God who can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, choosing to wait and respond to our surrender. That amazes me. So what words can describe this great God? To answer this question I will quote a great author and thinker of the past, Augustine.

You are ever active, yet always at rest. You gather all things to yourself, though you suffer no need… You grieve for wrong, but suffer no pain. You can be angry and yet serene. Your works are varied, but your purpose is one and the same…. You welcome those who come to you, though you never lost them. You are never in need yet are glad to gain, never covetous yet you exact a return for your gifts…. You release us from our debts, but you lose nothing thereby. You are my God, my Life, my holy Delight, but is this enough to say of you? Can man say enough when he speaks of you? Yet woe betide those you are silent about you!

To Click or Not To Click….

I was looking at my best friends my space page today and I clicked on the link to leave her a comment. Who knew that would lead to a new blog post? After I got to the comment page I noticed that the add at the top of the page had a picture of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when they were little. Normally I don’t pay attention to ads on the screen, but we all know that I hold a special place in my heart for the Olsen twins. So, I looked up to read what it said. It was a trivia question and if you got it right, you would win a $50 gift card. The question was “What TV series starred the Olsen twins?” The answer options were: A) Step By Step B) Full House and C) Family Ties. Seriously, who doesn’t know the answer to that question? (The person who wrote this question was clearly unaware that the show that the really starred in was So Little Time, they were just co-stars in Full House….that is so not the point but all of my fellow Olsen twin fans know what I am talking about!) I knew the answer they were looking for without the multiple choice, just based on the picture, which made me really want to click the right answer. But then I began to think…will I really win a gift card? how much information will I actually have to fill out? What is the gift card for? If they are giving out gift cards, why did they make the question so easy? And, if they made the question easy on purpose and have a lot of gift cards to give out, why did they have to place an ad on myspace? It all became too much for me and I decided not to click on the answer….a wise choice I think. The moral of the story? If you want some real Olsen twin trivia, come over to my house! This is so sad….