Disney World!

A couple of weeks ago I found out that the Stolmans (some really good family friends from Michigan) were going to be at Disney World for their annual trip during my Spring Break. My family went with them to Disney for my senior year Spring Break so I thought a reunion tour might be kind of fun! I drove down on Tuesday and came back of Friday. We ate at some great restaurants, spent a whole day at Epcot, played volleyball, hung out by the pool, and had tons of fun! The crew included Mr. and Mrs Stolman, Brad, Lisa, Isaac, Brian, Brian’s room mate Michael, Katie, and Katie’s fiance Bryan. I am so tired but so glad that I went! I love time with the Stolmans! Here are some pictures from the trip! View of the Magic Kingdom from the sprites (little boats)

Me, Katie, and the giant lego dragon

Michael and Brian…being Michael and Brian

Michael, Bryan, and Katie riding the Finding Nemo ride

Me and Brian in our Nemo shell

Having fun at Epcot

Katie in her sprite

Me in my sprite


Brian….lovin the Nemo ride!

Brian, Mr. Stolman, Michael

Katie and her sweet fiance Bryan! I can’t wait for their wedding!