Another Fun Weekend With The Kids!

I went and hung out with some pretty awesome kids this weekend while their parents were out of town. These are the same kids that I mentioned back in September. On Saturday we went to Six Flags (even though it was supposed to storm) and managed to get 7 good hours in before it started to rain. Everyone else thought it was supposed to rain, so that meant that we didn’t have to wait in long lines. It was awesome! After that we went for some pizza and then headed to the Braves game…we weren’t so lucky there! We ended up sitting in the pouring rain for 45 minutes and the Braves never played, so we went home. We were bummed that they didn’t play because we had such awesome seats! (Thanks Dad!) You can’t really tell in these pictures (because we had the camera in a plastic bag and it kept fogging up), but we were all really wet!