Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday we had about 10 people at our dinner table and had a great time! Friday we got some Christmas decorations up with Ella. Saturday my dad and I went to the football game, and Sunday Ella finished decorating the tree and we all just hung out. I love Sundays like that!

Family Picture


Cooper has great smiles!

Aunt Leah and Ella

Chris and Leah

Sunday nap time

Pile on Aunt Kelly!

5 Things

5 things I likes about this week…

1. Finishing my geography lab. No more lab sciences!
2. Knocking out the majority of the projects that I have left for the semester.
3. Thanksgiving dinner wtih my family and getting to hold Cooper for hours (even though he was crying)
4. August Rush with Ruth. (I’m definitely marrying that guy Ruth!)
5. GA/ GA Tech game with my dad. (Dad, next time we are definitely eating at “Sump’en Good”)

5 Things

5 things I liked about this week…

1. More planning of the Grand Canyon trip.
2. Playing “Scram Ball” with my cousins and various others out in the street on Saturday.
3. Seeing my niece and nephew in full out Michigan gear.
4. Hanging out with Angela and Bentley on Friday night.
5. Finishing a project for school (not the actual work, just the being done part!)

New CD

As many of you know, I like to listen to music, but I am not one of those people who absolutely loves music and has to have it on all the time. If I listen to music in the car, it’s mostly the radio, and my ipod usually only makes it out when I am riding my bike. I don’t buy CD’s very often, usually just a song or two off of itunes.

There is, however, one artist whose CD’s I will always buy. Who, you ask? Steven Curtis Chapman. I have always loved his music (mostly his lyrics) and will always by any album that he releases. He has never let me down. He just released a new CD in October called “This Moment” and I bought it yesterday. I have had it in my car for about 12 hours and I love it! Like I said, he never lets me down! Check it out if you are looking for a new CD!

My favorite songs so far? “Children of God” and “Cinderella” Get a tissue for that last one!

5 Things, Part 2

I started this “5 Things I Liked About This Week” thing a couple of weeks ago and then forgot about it. Woops! So…here are the 5 things I liked about this week! (not in order)

1. Lunch with Mandee and Angela…it never gets old!
2. Getting highlights in my hair.
3. Spur of the moment dinner with Ruth after school.
4. Watching Chapel do a somersault. HILARIOUS!
5. Going to see a movie (Gone, Baby, Gone). I love movies!

Hopefully I will remember to do this again next week!