Everyday Life

I have decided that I am going to try and use the camera on my phone more to get some shots of everyday life to blog about. I had this inspirational thought as I was walking around downtown in between classes today. I realized that I would not be walking around down there much longer and it was time to capture some of it on film (or hard drive…whatever!). So today I skipped a class to get some studying in for another class and then went to grab some dinner. I texted my friend Kathleen and convinced her to leave the class she was in and come meet me. I am either a really bad influence or she was really bored because she met me 5 minutes later! We decided on Happy Chopstics right by our classroom building. Here are some shots of dinner and the sites I see at school!

If Only

Living in the Land of If Only? Check out this
post at Prodigal Jon.

P.S. I know I have been linking to other blogs a lot lately. There is a reason for it: There is a lot of good stuff out there! I know a lot of us feel like we don’t have a lot of time to read books (lame!), but blogging is a great way to read some good material in a short amount of time. Reading is important. It expands your mind. It helps you grow. Plus, reading some of the great blogs out there lets you experience things in ways that you wouldn’t think of them yourself. I would encourage you to set up a blog reader on Google and start adding some good blogs on there! Awesome that the “P.S.” portion of this email was longer than the actual post.


My best friend Marissa is an audiologist and she usually has an interesting story to tell about her patients! The other day she was examining a little boy named Chandler. He has a lot of problems and she found out that he is a triplet. She reasoned that he was probably born too early and that explained the problems that he was facing.

After the examination she offered him a sticker (I guess that’s what they give all of the kids). Chandler’s mother then asked if they could pick out two more for his brothers. Marissa said that of course they could. The mother then said something like this (sorry if I totally kill this Mo!) “Let’s get this one for Joey! Oh and this one for Ross because he loves dinosaurs!”

That’s right. Chandler, Joey, and Ross. And Ross loves dinosaurs. Marissa said it the best: “They aren’t pets! I mean come on!”

I Am Growing

Normally my emails to God are just between me and God, but after I sent this one I realized how much I have grown this year. In 2008 (affectionately called “sub-prime” because it has been a really lame year so far). The email went like this:

“that conversation was really hard today. the cry afterward helped a lot. thanks for listening to my questions. i trust you.”

Yesterday’s email was really long and emotional. It was drawn out, and although it was from my heart (and did I mention long?), it didn’t strike me like this one did today. You see once I sent that email I realized that I didn’t just write that I trust God because it seemed like a nice thing to add. The conversation was hard (sorry that’s so vague), my questions for God are painful, and yet, I really do trust him. I have realized lately that I don’t really trust God as much as I claim to, but I think I am actually learning how to do it.

I think it’s partly thanks to Jeanne (who I mentioned before) who pointed out to me that although one of our biggest contentions with God is that he loves to wait and we hate it, he knows the pain of waiting. We were doing dishes tonight and she was talking about how God waited for us to determine the fate of Jesus. It didn’t destroy his omniscience, but he allowed people to choose, had to wait for them to choose, and ultimately they chose death.

So what does that have to do with me actually trusting this time? I trust him, because he knows.


I am really excited about 7:22 tonight. My friend Jeanne is speaking about a really tough topic: Waiting. We were talking about it last week at our LOST small group (yes, we have a LOST small group) and she described it really well. She said that our God is a God who loves to wait, yet we hate it. This is one of our greatest contentions with God.

I am pretty pumped to hear what she has to say! I am pretty sure you can listen online!

Mountain Weekend

This weekend I went to Sautee Nacoochee (near Helen), Georgia with 5 of my friends! The parents of my friend Masi live up there, but they were out of town so we went and took over their mountain house. We had a blast! I have a ton of pictures, but I thought these five were the most entertaining. All of them are up on facebook, so check them out. If we are not friends on facebook, look me up!

Activities of the weekend:

We cooked (and ate) great food

Took a group shot with a great view (Me, Matt, Masi, Susannah, Jan, Leighton)

Swung on a rope

Fed a cow Wheat Thins

And shot things (mainly…well only…a sweet potato and cups of water…I didn’t it any of them)