A few things I will always remember about Papa:

– He always called me sugar 

– He always had a smile for his grandkids

– He teased us endlessly that he was going to fill in the pool with cement if we didn’t go play in it

– He loved trivia shows, and so do I, so we would spend a lot of time doing that

– He loved to golf and still talked about the golf trips that he and my dad took up until the day before he died

– He was a fireman, which is just cool

Christmas Lights Reminder

Today is the day when most people are putting up their Christmas lights and I can’t wait to see them!  I have noticed a few people who have already put up their lights and this as prompted me to re-post my thoughts on Christmas lights from last year.

As we wrap up the Christmas season I feel the need to comment on the tragedy that I have witnessed on the houses around me. You see, I love Christmas lights. I love the multi-colored ones, although white is okay too. The problem with Christmas lights is that unless they are done the right way, they look tacky, even the white ones. You know it, I know it, let’s just talk about it. There are three main issues I wish to discuss to make the Christmas light experience better for everyone next year.

1. Light Nets– While a very effective way to cover the whole bush evenly, it is important to remember that next year your bushes will be bigger (they grow over the year) and you will need a bigger light net to cover it. You see, the point of a light net is to cover the whole bush, not to throw over a portion of it. They are especially not to be used to make a Christmas tree shape on the side of your very large bushes/trees. Just remember: even coverage over the entire bush.

2. String Lights– One string is not enough to cover a large tree. If you can see the circles the string is making around the bush, you have not used enough lights. There should also never be a single strand running from one bush/tree to the other. New bush/tree= new string of lights (shame on the Georgia World Congress Center).

3. Icicle Lights – Real icicles are clear, yours should be too.


“Let your writing reflect only the wisdom of pain or of delight which life
has most deeply revealed to you. Nothing else is worth your time or the time
of any reader. Poetry’s first requirement is sincerity and the single aim
should be to write as though there were no audience other than the writer’s
own heart”

-William Percy

Yanked this quote from Chad’s blog.  Thanks Chad!


Please pray for my grandpa if you think of it today.  He has been in the hospital basically since the middle of September.  His stomach just doesn’t work anymore.  The released him from the hospital thinking he was doing better and then 48 hours later he was back in.  They said something about his lungs (I think when stuff leaks into them) and he needs to have it taken care of but he has asked them not to do anything.

My dad is on the way up there.  Please pray for physical comfort for my grandpa and emotional comfort for my grandma, dad, and his sisters.



I have never been great about writing in  a journal.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea of writing in a journal.  I own several journals and always look at them wishing that I wanted to write in them, but I just don’t like to.

I like to write and I express myself much better in writing than I do orally.  I don’t actually make much sense when I am speaking, but when I write my thoughts are much more organized.  I really do want to journal, not only to express my thoughts, but also to leave some of my life behind for people to read when I am gone.

I thought starting this blog several years ago would be a good way for me to journal.  In fact, I have another blog that I wrote during a season of grief that I keep private and very few people have the link to. That was my first blog and really did help me through the grieving process.  This blog is not a great place to journal though, because I know that people will be reading it. Because of that, I am always thinking about ways to make it more interesting and I don’t get too personal.

I needed a solution to the journalling problem though.  So, last week I decided to take the Doogie Howser route.  I started a word document, put it in notebook view so it felt more like a journal, and started typing.  I have started closing out my day by writing in it and it has been awesome!  It doesn’t have to be interesting and it doesn’t have to be organized.  It allows me to get my thoughts on paper and to process my day, and I can type it instead of writing it in a book.  It has been so much fun and I am always excited to write in it right before I go to bed.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!


Yesterday I ran my first 10K. My friend (well she’s really more of a sister) Lo ran it with me and we had a blast! It was at Callaway Gardens and was called the Twilight 10K.

The draw to this race was that you get to run through all of their Christmas lights before they open them to the public. The lights and music were cool but it was still pretty light out so you couldn’t see them that well. That was the draw, but what made this race cool was how beautiful it was.

The whole race took place on roads through the woods and around little lakes. The trees were changing colors and the sun set more and more as we ran. We came around this one curve in the road that ran next to some water and you could see the sum hitting the beautiful leaves and it all reflecting in the water. So beautiful!

This was definetly the most fun run of my life. Lo and I ran next to each other the whole time at a really comfortable pace. We both had our iPods and would occasionally talk, but we never felt like we had to. We just ran and took it all in.

After the race we stopped at Cracker Barrel and had pretty much the best meal ever…or at least it tasted like it after our long run!

Here is a shot of us at dinner in our orange race shirts. As Lo says, “it’s no glamor shot!” But we are going to name it and claim it! (special thanks to RT for that line!