LOST Group

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I am in a LOST small group.  That is a closed group of people that meets weekly to watch LOST and then discuss our theories afterwards.  Jarrett and Jeanne Stevens are our small group leaders and it is held at their house.  Tonight we took the group to a whole new level.  We drew characters out of a hat, or really out of Jarrett’s hand, and each week you earn points based on what happens to your character.  Although, you can only earn points if you are at small group, no matter what happens to your character that week.  Here is a list of the available points:


  • If you get shot- 5 points
  • If Sawyer gives you a nickname- 2 points
  • If you take an article of your clothing off- 3 points
  • If you get a nose bleed- 2 points
  • If you are episode centric- 5 points
  • If you see Jacob- 5 points
  • If you die- 10 points
  • If you have any interaction with the smoke monster- 5 points


Here is a picture of the score board after tonight’s episode, although I think Jeanne (who is Charlotte) is missing her points for that solid nose bleed she received on this weeks episode.  As you can see, my character is Desmond and I earned 5 points for being episode centric.

I LOVE going to this group every week!  I always laugh the hardest around these people!


I Love the Silence

Two weeks ago I made a drastic change in my life.  I noticed around that time that I was getting increasingly attached to my cell phone, almost to the point that my cell phone controlled me.  If it rang I answered it.  If I heard a text message come through and I was in another room, I ran to check it.  If I was having a “live” conversation with someone and heard it make any sound what so ever, the need to check and see who it is was overwhelming.  

So I turned off the ringer.  

That’s right, I silenced my cell phone.  It doesn’t sound revolutionary- I realize that.  But it has been incredibly freeing.  I still keep it on vibrate so that I notice it ring if it’s sitting on my desk or in my coat pocket, but I miss a lot of calls.  It sometimes takes me awhile to answer a text message because I just didn’t see it come in.  The thing is, just because someone decides to call me at a certain moment doesn’t mean that I always have to be available at that moment.  I do return calls after I listen to a message, the difference is that I can return the call when I actually have time to talk and can give that person the attention that they deserve.  And I will answer a text as soon as I see it, but I don’t change what I am doing just because I heard the “beep.”  I am not Pavlov’s dog.

It has been a great two weeks!  I feel like I have been able to focus more on the people that are with me at the time instead of the “others” that aren’t even in the room.  And I feel like I can actually get things done without getting interrupted.  I have been much more focused.  This was a perfect compliment to something I did months ago- I turned off the sound on my email- GASP!

In the words of the wise and overpriced movie theaters “Silence is golden.”

Good-bye, Mr. President


No matter what your political views, it is obvious that George W. Bush has led our country through some of it’s darkest days. As I was walking around Ground Zero in New York a few months ago I was overcome with sadness over all that our country suffered through the attacks on September 11. The families that were changed forever, the police officers and fire fighters who gave their lives, and the ones left behind to sort through all of the remains. But I also thought about our President. I thought about the weight and sorrow on his shoulders through that time and every moment since.

It is easy to cast blame on our President for anything negative that happens in our economy including terrorist attacks and the state of the economy. But that is a lot of burden for one man to carry. So no matter whether you agreed with him or not, to me it is impossible to not look at George W. Bush with respect and thankfulness for all that he has carried our country through, for the prayers that he prayed for us, and the decisions that he made that he really truly felt were right.

The song below was written by Steven Curtis Chapman for President Bush. There used to be a link up to the song, but it’s down now, so the lyrics are below.

So from all of us who have prayed for you over these last eight years, good-bye Mr. President…and thank you.  These lyrics and pictures are a tribute to you.

Good-bye Mr. President,
I guess the time has come for you to,
Pack up all your things and turn the page,
So I was thinking as you left,
I’d try to write a song to tell you,

What so many of us want to say.
For all those sleepless nights,
I am sure you must have had,
For all the prayers I’m sure you prayed,
For how you tried to lead us when the way was so unclear,
I am sure it wasn’t always evident, but thank you Mr. President!
Good-bye Mr. President,
You will not be forgotten,
All the courage and the hope you helped us find,
I can’t imagine how it felt,
To stand where you were standing,
And to try to make the calls you thought were right.
So for those sleepless nights,
I am sure you must have had,
That put those lines around your eyes,
For how you carried the weight,
Even when the lights went out,
I am sure you’ll never know how much it meant,
I thank you Mr. President.

So for those days ahead,
When they write about the past,
And everybody has their say,
From all of us who know,
You gave us everything you could,
We hope you will remember this,
Thank you Mr. President!

Good-bye Mr. President.


Sunday Summary- 01.11.09

Our first Sunday back for the new year was a great one!  We are back to video messages and decided to kick the year off with the series “Text” about reading your Bible.  What better way to start off our year than digging into the Word of God?

We were a little worried about attendance this week because we were off for two Sundays and thought that people would forget about us, but it turns out that we had nothing to worry about!  We don’t worry too much about numbers, but we also don’t want people to forget that we are meeting, which is definitely a concern for us since we don’t meet the first Sunday of the month.

Julio kicked off the service by welcoming everyone back and explaining a little bit about Starting Point.  We are doing our first orientation on January 25, and Andy talks about Starting Point a lot in the Text series, so it was a good lead in to the rest of the service.  I am looking forward to seeing the way Starting Point (Punto de Partida) is going to impact the lives of some of the people that come to the service!

After the welcome Juan and the band led us in worship.  Our band this week really hit the mark in feeling out the size of the room and the feel of what we are going for.  It is really easy for it to sound like “too much” in there, especially with the size of the crowd, but they really got it right.  Our guitar player, Mike, even started singing some BGV’s and he doesn’t speak Spanish!  It was great to see them catch the vision and see the impact that this can make in people’s lives.  This week they led us in All Because of Jesus, Let Me Sing, and Holy Is the Lord.

Julio did a great job wrapping up after the message and explained how important we feel it is to read the Word that God has given us.  He explained that it’s so important to us that if they need a Bible, we would like to give them one.  We had a case of books at our information booth and we actually ran out and have a list of people that need one next week.  So that was really exciting!

We ended with refreshments, which was a big hit as always, but we are actually going the next five weeks without them due to another event taking place in the Theater after our service.  That has become a really great time for people to stay around and connect, so we are hoping that they will contiue those relationships without food!  Ha!

I mean to include some pictures this week of what we have done with the stage and the curtain, but I forgot, so I will have some up next week.

This week’s band:

  • Juan Martinez- Worship leader and accoustic guitar
  • Rosie Pinkerman- BGV’s
  • Mike Hines- Electric guitar
  • Earl South- Bass
  • Wayne Viar- Drums

Connecting Points:

  • Refreshments after the service.
  • Free Bibles for those that don’t have one
  • Live band
  • Introduction of Starting Point

Understanding Twitter

If you are around me for more than 5 minutes, then you have heard me talk about Twitter.  It is a great networking tool that I use everyday, and it’s fun!  If you look at my blog on the actual site (instead of on a reader) you can see all of my latest Twitter updates.  They are like mini-blogs.  But, it’s hard to explain to people what Twitter is and why it’s useful, so I have decided to share this very helpful video with you!  Once it convinces you why Twitter is awesome…sign up and start following me so that I can follow you!  My Twitter name is: kellymoreton