Sunday Summaries- The End

I have decided not to do anymore Sunday summaries.

Why?  Because I didn’t think mine were really that interesting.  In fact, I kind of got bored writing them, so I can’t imagine what it was like to read them.

Instead, I am just going to post things when we do something cool, or when we change our set, or just because I think it would be fun!

Here are some recent phone shots, starting with our set for the series Five Things God Uses To Grow Your Faith.  You can find that website in Spanish here.


These are the same icons that they used in the English service for this series.  I am so thankful that they saved them for us!  Here is a shot of them with the band at rehearsal:


This is Jared, our awesome music guy!  He does an incredible job of booking and coommunicating with our musicians, choosing our worship sets, coming up with some great arrangements of songs, helping in the creative process, and putting up with me and Julio.  We are so lucky to have him on our team!


This is what it looks like when a sermon is playing:


And here is Seth, Rebecca, and Reid at Wednesday night rehearsal for the February 22 service (The curtain wasn’t up yet, hence the KidStuf set behind them):


I’m Back!

Special thanks to my bro-in-law, Chris, for fixing my blog! I tried to make some changes to the code, which I know nothing about, and I broke it. He has it back up and running and I like the look better. I would still like to change some of the style, but until I figure out how to do that, I am just glad to have this working again!

Thanks for your patience!

Link Love

This blog is definitely still under construction, but while you can’t read anything new on my blog, I thought I would entertain you with two of my favorites:

Ladies and Gentlemen the man who would never blog, my friend and LOST small group leader, Mr. Jarrett Stevens!

Also new to blogging and a part of my LOST small group, the man who can start an amazing fire using only cardboard and who lures his neighbors in with his large hot tub, Tripp Crosby!  I think you will find his post “My Dark Sexual Past” very intriguing, I know I did!

Sunday Summary 02.08.09


I know you all have really missed my Sunday summaries!  Sorry I missed the last two in January.  I thought about doing both of those with this one, but I think they are so far gone I should just start with this one.  But, I have included a picture this time to make up for the other two!

This week was a live sermon Sunday for us as we are in between services.  Julio decided that it would be a good opportunity to cast vision for what North Point En Español is and what it’s not.  He gave some great examples of how some of his friends have been hurt by church and how NPEE is a place where we want people to be safe to come.  We also decided to use the KidStuf set as our background insteand of putting up the black curtain.  Julio was talking about the environments of our church and used the stage as an example.  So it was a great way to brighten up the stage and also show everyone what is behind the mysterious black curtain.


We started out the service with a promotional video for our next series, 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith.  It was a simple 34 second video that showed some images, had the series music, and then said “Starting Next Week” at the end, but I thought it added a lot to our service.  The beginning of our service has always been a little shaky because there aren’t many people in the room (they always come late) and Julio usually has to give the welcome and announcements to about 12 people.  This give us the opportunity to call attention to the screens, allowed people a little extra time to get seated, and provided a good transition and stepping stone for Julio to begin the welcome.  It also allowed the band to get on stage a little more discretely.

We tried to do the announcements a little differently this week too.  I noticed that I was giving Julio way too much to say up there and was really setting him up for failure.  So we have decided that we will focus on one main thing while he is up there.  We will still mention the little things like the fact that we have childcare for preschoolers and maybe mention and upcoming series, but only one big announcement.  This week it was the survey in their bulletin.  It was just one question asking them their preferred service hour and Julio encouraged them to fill it out right then and drop it in the offering bucket when it came around.  We really wanted a good response rate on this so we even gave them pens as they came in the door.  We got a ton of responses, so it was great!

Our worship set was great!  We had to set everything up that morning, so we decided to not use a full drum set and go for more of a percussion feel.  It was so much fun and sounded great!  We were able to give it more a latin beat and people responded really well.  Duane Nisly was our worship leader this week and he always does such a great job of connecting with the crowd and bridging that gap between the stage and the seats.

We still aren’t doing refreshments because we are having to stack chairs after our service for another event, but hopefully we will be able to bring that back in March.  I have definitely missed seeing people interact after the service and think that our attendees are also feeling that void.

Worship Set

  • Mighty to Save (Led by Duane)
  • Salvation Is Here (Led by Duane)
  • Breathe On Me (Led by Chelsea)

This week’s band:

  • Duane Nisly- Worship leader and accoustic guitar
  • Chelsea- BGV’s
  • Mike Hines- Electric guitar
  • Earl South- Bass
  • Scott Meeder- Drums

Connecting Points:

  • Live speaker
  • Survey
  • Teaching choruses to worship songs