Rick’s mom posted a bunch of pictures of him on Facebook today and it made me start to miss him.  I jumped on my blog to read some of my old posts about him, just to take some time to remember.  It’s also a cool way to look at all that God has done.

In my journey of remembering I came across this post that I wrote a year after his death.  I don’t even remember writing this, but it was a huge encouragement and reminder to me today.  I hope it can be for you too!


It’s All In the DEETails

My cousin Chris and I are getting ready to leave for Peru on Sunday to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  In one of our conversations we were talking about the stuff that he is bringing for us to share and the stuff that I am bringing for us to share.

For example: I have enough water purification tablets for both of us and he has enough DEET for us.

I hadn’t gotten around to buying DEET yet so that was a great thing.

Today I got a text from him that said: Audrey chewed up the DEET : ( we will need to get some at REI.

Audrey is his dog.  For some reason this just absolutely cracked me up!  Of all of the things to chew up, she chewed up a big container of DEET!  That is one text I don’t think I will ever get again!

A FedEx Funny

This is my conversation from FedEx today:

Me:  I need to send these documents to Washington DC, what do I need to do?

FedEx lady: Fill out that form over there and bring it back to me when you are done.

Me: (bring form filled out and back to the counter with Washington DC in the city section and DC in the state section)

FedEx lady: (starts typing in form) Ma’am what state is this going to? 

Me: Washington DC

FedEx lady: So what city then?

Me: Well, it’s just going to Washington DC , to the British Embassy there.

FedEx lady: Well you have to have a city and a state.

Me:  Washington DC is a city and a state.  It’s a district.  Of Columbia

FedEx lady:  Well I will put Washington as the state

Me: No definitely don’t do that, it’s not going to the state of Washington, I need it to go to the British Embassy in Washington DC.

FedEx lady: (to the guy next to her) What state is Washington DC in?

FedEx guy: It’s its own state.  Put Washington as the city and DC as the state.

Me: (blank stare)

Photo Shoot With Ella

Here are some of my favorite shots of Ella from our photo shoot this past Friday.  Jen asked me to give it a try (I have never done a photo shoot before) and I agreed and let her know that if she didn’t like them it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she had them redone!

I am still working on lighting and shadows (obviously), but we had a lot of fun down at Piedmont Park finding some fun locations and getting her to pose!  She is so beautiful and loves the camera, so the posing part was easy!





A Little Preview

I want to show the real pictures from the photo shoot today to my sister before I put them up here, but here is a little preview!

This is right after Ella asked me where the ducks went and I told her it was about to bite her in the behind:


And this is a shot of little Cooper who was a good sport through the whole thing and kept trying to get into every picture.  He finally made it to the playground and it was all worth it.  Although with his white skin, I’m not sure I will ever be able to get good photos of him in the sun!


A Few Thoughts From the Day

Today Jennie and I took Ella and Cooper down to Piedmont Park to do a little photo shoot for Ella’s 5th birthday.  I will post those pictures later, but thought I would share a few of the highlights in the mean time.

1.  I have Ella sit on the root of a very big tree in front of the pond to take her picture.  Then I notice the used condom about 4 inches past the root.  I threw up a little bit in my mouth.  

2. Ella requested the High School Musical 3 soundtrack on the way to lunch.  It’s on my phone and I didn’t feel like plugging it in for that short of a drive so I just started singing one of the songs.  Then she said “Ok, you can stop now.”  Ouch!

3.  We were driving around looking for the visitor’s center at the park and I ran a red light (oops!).  There was a cop right there and he of course pulled me over.  As he was approaching the window Cooper yelled, “What?!” in the most shocked voice I have ever heard.  So I was laughing when the cop walked up.  Ella was waiving at him.  I think he was so distracted that he failed to even give me a warning.

4.  As we were driving away from the cop, Jennie said that I should have said, “Officer you would not believe the day I’ve had!  That’s the second light I have run today!”  It totally was the second light I had run that day, in a matter of about 10 minutes.  

5.  We went to Taqueria del sol for lunch but they didn’t have high chairs, so we left.  We went to Tin Lizzy’s instead.  They have brown paper over the tables.  Cooper got board and lifted up the brown paper really fast and really hard.  He spilled my drink in doing so.  Then he ripped the paper straight down the middle.  At this point it was just funny.

6.  I was sitting at the Toyota dealership getting my oil changed and the Toyota guy came in and said to a lady, “Ma’am it looks like it’s your battery that needs to be replaced.”  She said, “What were you doing messing around with my car?!  I told you not to do anything!”  He was totally shocked at this reaction.  I’m not sure why.  He said, “We didn’t do anything!  We were just trying to figure out what was wrong!”

Good news…the day isn’t over!

For Your Enjoyment

My blogroll is currently non-existent (because I keep thinking that I can figure out the HTML coding on my blog and messing it up and then my bro-in-law has to fix it) so I feel the need to point out a couple of blogs for your enjoyment.

1. David. This guy works in the media department at the church, is in my LOST small group, and just flat out cracks me up.  He has a blog called David’s Zingers that consists of completely original and hilarious thoughts.  For example:

Thought 56: Most people think a buttress has something to do with architecture, but I think it’s just a good thing to call your waitress if she does a bad job.

2. Jamie. She is on the singles staff at Buckhead Church and is quickly becoming a very good friend of mine.  We got to work together on a very cool project for the Drive Conference and had a blast doing it.  At her blog you can find awesome thoughts about God, life, and fabulously entertaining videos such as this one.

So go check them out and show them a little blog love!


So, I have a little bit of a potty mouth. I know I should clean it up, but sometimes it’s just funny. And I like to make people laugh, so I would hate to have to stop using some of my material. There is really no point to me telling you that I have a potty mouth except to point you towards this shockingly insightful post by Tripp about cussing. Enjoy!

And I say shockingly insightful not because Tripp isn’t smart, but because I read his posts expecting to laugh, not to be convicted.  I laughed and was convicted in this one!  Totally didn’t see it coming.

P.S.  I plan to start blogging more now.  My writers block is over and I have a ton of pictures to post!  My bad on the months of nothingness!