Book Review- 1776


I have been reading this book since around last November.  So, needless to say, it has taken me awhile!  It took me about 8 months to get through the first quarter of this book because it was just so much information that it was hard to pick it up and think that hard.  But the last three quarters of the book started to make a lot more sense and was actually really good.  In fact, today I picked it up to finish it, thinking I had about a quarter left to go, and after about 10 pages I was done!  So what were the rest of those pages?  References!

That was one of the amazing things about this book.  David McCullough put so much research into this book and as a result, it was so detailed!  After I saw all of those reference pages it made me really appreciate the accuracy and all of the cool facts that I learned along the way.

Without giving anything away about the book, there were two major takeaways for me.  The first was my perception of George Washington.  He is so often this glorified general and President, but this book really humanized him.  Without disrespecting him, it showed some of his major struggles and pitfalls.  It also showed that through all of those struggles he made it a point to be among the men and encourage them.  Just because you are the leader doesn’t mean that you know everything or make all of the right decisions, but if you have the respect of your people, you can do amazing things!

The second thing I learned is how incredibly difficult the struggle of 1776 and the seven years following were.  It’s amazing that it even went seven years based on that first year.  This book is definitely worth reading to open your eyes to the reality of the war that brought freedom to our country.  We definitely owe our founding fathers, and more importantly, those ragged troops a debt of gratitude!

Concluding thoughts on 1776: If you want to dig down deep on the founding years of our country, this is definitely the book for you.  If you are looking for a quick and easy read, find another book!

A Difficult Reality

I have discovered a casualty of my soul that I didn’t realize was there.  I have realized that once a person has prayed their most fervent prayers for something and believed something with so much faith, only to be met with the exact opposite of what that person prayed for, something dies inside.

I have prayed for healing for a friend with every ounce of my being and he still died.  Now I find it nearly impossible to pray for healing for anyone else because I fear the result will be the same and that could be a devastating blow to the very depths of my soul.

This has become my greatest challenge.

Funny Talks

I had this conversation today with Lindsay and it totally cracked me up!

Me: Do you want to stop and get yoforia on the way home?

Lindsay: I don’t think I love yoforia as much as you do.

Me: Why not?

Lindsay: There is just something about it that I don’t really like.  I think it’s too cold.

Me: Well, it’s frozen yogurt.

Lindsay: Yeah.

5 Things I Liked About This Week

I think it’s about time I brought the 5 Things post back, and this has been an especially great week, so it was a good opportunity.

5 Things I Liked About This Week (in no particular order)

1. My second week working at Buckhead Church.  I feel like this week I started to find my way around better (literally and figuratively).  It takes awhile to get into a rhythm in a new job, but I definitely made some strides this week.  I am getting to know my team better too, which always makes working with them a little more fun!

2. Girls Night- always fun, always refreshing, always memorable!  So much fun hanging out with Leah, Tiff, Steph, Lo, and Lindsay!  And, hello, we went to Tin Lizzy’s so it doesn’t get much better than that!

3. Proverbs 23.  So much wisdom crammed into one chapter of the Bible.  It was just what I needed this morning before a long day at work.  So encouraged by the words “…always be zealous for the fear of the Lord.  There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.” (verses 17 & 18)

4. Climbing to the top of Stone Mountain.  Always a fun, and thankfully short, challenge.  But there is something about being on the top of that enormous piece of granite with a friend that makes me think that everything is OK.  You can sit up there, feeling the sun on your shoulders and an amazing breeze on your back, and pretty much talk about anything you want.  I love that!  Sharing your hearts out in the beauty of God’s creation rejuvenates me every time.  But we all know I’m a sucker for being outside and for quality time.

5.  Living with Lindsay.  Lindsay is a pretty new friend but she very quickly became one of those friends that you can’t imagine life without.  We share similar hurt, and similar joy, and a similar need for orderliness :). She was housesitting this week in Buckhead (conveniently 5 minutes from my new church/office) so I came to stay with her.  We have spent an incredible amount of time together non-stop and somehow we have not annoyed each other!  We have had some great conversations this week, some that I will never forget, and she has given me an incredible perspective on the way that God intends for us to love people.  She sees people through Jesus’ eyes and loves those who can’t love her in return.  The people we would call unlovable.  It’s been an incredibly humbling time and I am so much better for knowing her.  Tonight is unfortunately our last night house-sitting, which means our last late night chat.  So sad!  But, we are are going to the beach together next week so I guess it will be OK!

Change Is Good

3 Things That Have Changed In My Life:

1.  I am no longer an employee of North Point Community Church.   I have accepted at job at Buckhead Church, so I’m still in the North Point Ministries family!  I start Sunday at the Service Programming Assistant, working along side my long-time friend, Lauren (Shupert) Espy.  She is the new Service Programming Director down there and I am excited to have her as my new boss!  It’s going to be really strange not being at NPCC anymore, since I have been there for 8 years, but I am really excited about this new adventure!

2. I am not going to climb Kilimanjaro next Summer.  This was a tough one for me.  To climb next Summer we would need to sign up now and put down our deposits, with a couple more deposits over the next few months.  But, with my shoulder feeling the way it does now, I couldn’t justify putting down that much money.  I am supposed to be fully recovered by the beginning of the year and be able to start training, but what if I’m not?  It’s just too risky of a variable for such a big trip, so Chris and I think the wise decision is to wait until 2011.  Seems like a long time right now, but we want to be 100% for such a lofty goal!  So I am looking into trips in the U.S for next Summer.  Maybe I can finally go see the Grand Canyon!

3. I am now allowed to run.  I got clearance from my doctor yesterday and went for my first run since March this morning.  It was interesting for sure since it’s also the first time that I have had my heart rate up in 8 weeks!  I have definitely lost all of my muscle in my legs and am starting from scratch.  I am kind of glad about that because I feel like I had developed some bad running form and now get to correct it, but it’s also very frustrating.  But I am glad to be able to run.  Slow and steady build up is my goal and I am hoping to be on my bike after the first of the year.