Trust vs. Suspicion

Every month we have an all-campus all-staff meeting where our Pastor, Andy Stanley, gives us a leadership message.  Yesterday was one of those meetings and his message was about choosing trust first over suspicion in your relationships (work, friends, family, etc).  He was talking about work specifically yesterday, but it could apply to all of them.  Here are some of my favorite points from his message:

  • Being honest isn’t saying everything that’s true (picking each other apart about all of the little things), being honest is making sure what you say is true.
  • You will never know who you can’t trust until you trust them first.  The longer you refuse to trust, the longer untrustworthy people can hide in your organization (or life).
  • Things that stay in the dark generally grow uglier (think of the stuff that lives under a rock).
  • The consequences of confrontation are far less severe than the consequences of concealment.
  • Concealed suspicion poisons the entire relationship.
  • When what I have experienced with someone begins to erode my trust, I need to go directly to them about it.