Ella Is 6!

I had fun taking a few photos of Ella to celebrate her 6th birthday! She is such a kind and beautiful little girl and I am proud to be her aunt!  Here are some of my favorites:

Cooper made it into a few and of course cheesed for the camera.  P.S. I still have not figured out how to tone down his skin in the direct sunlight.  He is like a vampire…he sparkles in the sun!

Book Review: Into Thin Air

This was an amazing, intriguing, and tragic story.  All in all, 12 people died on this assault on the summit of Everest.  But this book was about much more than tragedy.  It took you through the process of climbing this monster, the struggles of the death zone, and the bond that occurs between people when taking on this kind of challenge.

For the majority of the people that attempt Everest, it is about so much more than checking something off of your list.  The majority of the time people have to turn back before they reach the summit.  It’s about pushing yourself, respecting the mountain (and this mountain demands respect), and having the wisdom to turn back.  I have absolutely no desire to climb Everest, but after reading this book I have a better understanding of why people do.

The Consequence of Confession

I have been thinking a lot this week about the consequences of confession.  Whenever someone publicly confesses a sin, it usually wrecks a lot of lives.  It exposes something that people were not aware of and it affects people on multiple levels.  I heard a story last week that was a perfect example of this.  I am not going to tell the story, because it’s not my story to tell, but it really got me thinking.

There is a fear in confessing because we think that if we just keep our sin to ourselves, then it only affects us and won’t disrupt the lives of others.  What I have realized, though, is that this is a lie that the enemy uses to keep us from freedom.  You see the consequence of confession is actually freedom.  Freedom from that sin and guilt that has been holding you hostage.  It’s not the confession that wrecks lives, it’s the sin.  Confession is your first step towards freedom and the path of healing for everyone involved, whether they knew it or not.  Will there be other consequences?  More than likely.  But it is important to understand that those consequences are from the sin, not the confession.

The reality is that we should not be afraid to confess our sins to one another, we should be afraid to sin in the first place.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

– James 5:16

Book Review: Born To Run

This book was incredible.  I had no idea what it was going to be about when I started.  I assumed it would be about some old marathoner telling about all of his races, but I was pleasantly surprised!

This is an incredible and true story filled with all kinds of great facts and tips about running, running shoes, food, etc.  I got so much out of this book and am looking forward to trying all of the new tips.  It really turned around a lot of my thinking.  I highly recommend this book even if you are not a runner!