Today I turn 30.  I have completed my 30th year, my third decade of life.  For those of you that know me well, this is very surprising because you know how accident prone I am.  It’s actually somewhat miraculous that I have made it this long!

My birthday has never really been a big deal to me, but this one has really gotten me thinking.  I am actually pretty excited for my thirties.  I don’t look on them with dread or think that I am getting old.  I am excited about this new time, this new phase in my life.

You see, I was not a big fan of the twenties.  I know that a lot of exciting things happen to people in their twenties, but for me they contained a lot of pain.  Some of it was good, necessary, learning pain, and some of it was just really sucky.  The twenties were full of dreams deferred, bad choices, broken relationships, more dreams deferred, and full on heartache.  Grief in it’s most bitter form hovered on my doorstep.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a terrible ten years.  There were some great things that happened as well.  I got to live in Costa Rica, I had some pretty cool jobs, I got my college degree (finally!), I gained one niece and two nephews, I made lots of great friends, and I got to take some awesome trips.  I learned some great (hard) lessons too.  The twenties definitely shaped me and I wouldn’t change most of those hard things.  Part of me would bring Ricky back, but then again, the other part wouldn’t dream of wishing him out of Heaven.

So twenties, thanks for the lessons, the joy, and for helping me find myself.  I would say I’m sorry to see you go, but that would be a lie and I don’t want to start out this new decade lying.

Thirties, it’s nice to meet you!