Two Homes

I’ve recently experienced some conflicting emotions. On September 7 I boarded a plane to fly “home” and I was so excited! I was excited to see family and friends, for rest, for familiar and favorite foods, and to sleep in my own bed. Home was calling to me!

Tomorrow I board a plane to fly “home” again, but this time to El Salvador, and I am so excited! I am excited to hug “my kids,” excited for the familiar and simple food, for a routine, to sleep in my own bed. Home is calling to me!

Throughout my visit people have asked me how it feels to be home, but then corrected themselves immediately and said, “Well I guess El Salvador is home now.” That’s so true. El Salvador is home. Atlanta is home. Home is where your heart is, right? And my heart is in two places at once. The more I have reflected on this thought over the past three weeks, the more blessed I have felt. There are two places in this huge world where I feel right at home. God has woven my heart with people in both places. Two places that I am always excited to go back to. Two places that will always be hard to leave. Two places where I have “family.”

Tomorrow I leave my home to go home.