January Spotlight: Christine

I have realized during these two weeks at Mission Training International that our stories are a powerful thing. Each person at this training, including the instructors, can tell story after story of God’s faithfulness and His strategic positioning and guidance in their mission work.  As I have listened to the stories of all of those in my class that are about to go onto the field, it has become so glaringly obvious that God has not abandoned us.  He is not silent.  He is not watching and waiting.  He is implementing his strategy and putting all of the players into place. I think there is more going on in the world of missions that we can see and I believe that in the next few years we are going to see a major work of the Lord.  So, as a result of this realization, I have decided to do a “Spotlight” category on my blog.  The goal will be to highlight one person (missionary, friend, one of the La Casa kids, etc) once a month. It may not happen, but I will try! So, let’s move on to the very first spotlight.

I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Christine. She is my age, and a single woman heading out onto the mission field.  For safety reasons I can’t reveal where she is going on this blog, so we will just call it Narnia and the people of the region, Narnians…cause I can’t think of anything better!

Christine is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. (And yes, it was pretty depressing to realize that I could have been a doctor by now!) With medical missions in the back of her mind, she had some doubts about pursuing that specialty because medical missions tend to lean toward things like general medicine/surgery (I think…Christine, if you read this, please forgive me for slaughtering the medical side of this). But, she really felt God calling her towards it so she went for it. As she worked through her internship and residency, the call to medical missions became stronger and she decided that she could go anywhere, except to work with the Narnians. It always works out when we give God exceptions! Ha!

Well, after lots of prayer on her part, her church’s part, and her mission agency, God started working as only He can.  Through a series of providential meetings of people working in Narnia, God opened her heart to the Narnians.  Last night as she was telling me this story, she said “God literally gave me the desire of my heart.” Let me tell you, that about made my head explode! I have been looking at that promise in scripture wrong my whole life! I always thought it meant that the desires that I came up with, God would give to me. But what Christine told me last night was that when she was open to what God was doing and following Him in obedience, He gave her the desires that He had for her heart. As in, He planted the desires of His heart into her heart. Mind blown.

So, Christine is off to Narnia, the place she wasn’t going to go to! Oh and by the way, that fear of hers about her speciality not fitting into missions world, this hospital in Narnia just happens to need a female physician that specializes in rehabilitation.  You know why? Because that’s what God does.  When we follow in obedience and trust, He gives us the desires of our heart.

Please be praying for Christine!  She is set to head out at the end of March, but she is still waiting on a visa, and there have been some complications in that area with other missionaries.  There are also some riots/protests in the area that she would be heading that need to wrap up before she gets there! So please be praying.  If you would like to follow along with Christine or financially support her (yes, even as a doctor she will be living on support), please email me! Because of the sensitivity of where she is going, I will only be able to give that info to people that I know. But if I don’t know you, you can still be praying for her!